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    Can't fix my puppet's feet

    hellopaul4 Level 1


      I have a puppet which I created out of the standard "new puppet in Photoshop". The default layers Chest, Draggable Right Hand.....Fixed Left Foot seem to do nothing, and are empty. I'm havnig a prticular problem with fixing the feet - I do not want my character to walk around, so need to keep the feet planted firmly in one place, but when I animate the character, the whole puppet floats around a bit. These shape layers do not show up in Character Animator at all.

      Anyway, if I create a new project with the default lbue guy puppet, his feet remain stuck to the floor, despite there being no Fixed modifiers.

      So basically - how can I fix my puppet's feet to the floor?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          In the blue guy, he has fixed layers in the PSd. CH sees this and makes those auto-tagged as fixed. But he's being phased out; that's an old way to do it. The better way is to select your puppet's body in CH, and add two fixed handles at the feet with the thumbtack looking tool in the puppet panel. If you download the examples you'll notice this is how a majority of them were fixed: Character Animator Examples

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