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    Adjusting a grayscale print PDF for dot gain


      I’ve done a 32-page grayscale photo section for the middle of a book. The printer has just come back and said the print PDF needs to be adjusted for 25% dot gain. I’ve tried the following:


      • Exported a normal ‘press quality’ PDF, but changed Color Conversion to ‘convert to destination’ and then selected Dot Gain 25%
      • Applied a 25% dot gain profile to my grayscale images in Photoshop, then exported a press quality PDF specifying ‘no color conversion’ and ‘include all profiles’


      …but when I examine the resulting PDFs in Acrobat, parts of photos that were 100% black in my original PDF have remained as 100% black in the two test PDFs, when I was expecting them to be 75%.


      Can anyone help please? I'm using InDesign CS6.