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    Photoshop saved my photo to an automatic file & now I can't open it!


      I created a photo college in photoshop & for some reason my photoshop automatically tries to save my photos to a random file in outer space! TBH I should have changed this years ago but never did and now I'm used to just changing it to desktop whenever I save, however this time I didn't & this college to me a while to make!
      Ive found out where this magical file is! but my computer won't let me into it, I have attached some photos to try make some sense of my madness!
      I created a trial file and went to save it to its automatic file, then back tracked it to attempt to find it but when I follow the same steps I fail at the first hurdle as my computer won't let me into the iPhoto files!
      Also when I type the file name into the finder search it doesn't seem to exist
      please help!!
      for online help.jpgfor online help 2.jpgonline help 3.jpg