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    Text moving in text box when replacing fonts in Indesign CC


      I am currently replacing the old Avenir T1 font family with the Avenir family on 42 manuals (over 1200 pages). I have used Master Pages, Paragraph and Character Styles in my documents. I am using the Type --> Find Font command to do this. When each of the font styles are replaced however (Book, Roman, etc) the text line or paragraph shifts three lines down in my document. This results in text moving outside of its text box and disappearing in my document as well as lines of text not lining up as originally designed (page #'s centered in a solid circle, etc). I manually have to open/expand each text box for the text to show again and/or move the line(s) of text back up three spaces in order for it to return to its original location. I have spent hours trying to solve this problem and cannot find the proper work around. It would takes days to fix this manually given the number of pages (with graphs, tables, etc) and manuals in this project. Any suggestions? Desperate. Thank you for your help in advance.....