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    Shopify code conflicting with Muse output


      Good morning everyone



      My name is Carlos Bauza and I have been an Adobe user for several decades. I have many pages made in Adobe Muse, which are integrated with Shopify and Printful, some with hundreds of products and all have worked perfectly. For three days, I have problems with my new page www.mfonliineshop.com which is also integrated with Shopify and Printful.


      I built, deleted and re-built the page when I saw that it did not work in any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Delete the Google Analytic codes and nothing, then delete the Shopify codes and if it worked perfectly. Thinking that it was a problem of Shopify, report the case to your technical service and I also did it with technical support of Prinful. They checked carefully and noticed that there was a conflict in the Muse code that did not resolve the publication of the website. For three consecutive days, I communicated with technical support in India and after tests and tests and more evidence came to the same conclusion which I transcribe:



      • "Gaurav Aggarwal (Thu, 3/2/2017, 07:37:02 pm)
      • Unfortunately we do not support such code conflicts, moreover, the output is generated by Muse and we are not sure what might be conflicting here. You might check with Muse guys if they can point out any issue with the code."
      • "Gaurav Aggarwal (Thu, 3/2/2017, 07:45:54 pm)
      • Carlos, this is third party code integration and unfortunately it is out of our scope of support. This site is created in Muse, you can check with Muse support if they can assist you with this."
      • "Gaurav Aggarwal (Thu, 3/2/2017, 07:51:19 pm)
      • Go to https://helpx.adobe.com/muse.html, scroll to the bottom and click on "contact us"
      • "Gaurav Aggarwal (Thu, 3/2/2017, 07:51:50 pm)
        Then select the product > category and issue from drop down > select "Still need help"
      • "Gaurav Aggarwal (Thu, 3/2/2017, 07:51:54 pm)
        Then you will get option to contact htem."


      Obviously I was surprised that after three days they told me that, however I followed their instructions and today I communicate with the Muse guys. After explaining the case I take a big surprise!


      • Nitin: Carlos, The code customization assistance is only available on Forums
      • Nitin: I understand that but the code related customization is not handled on the chat but on forums.
      • Nitin: This is out of our support boundaries.
      • Nitin: If for any third party code is conflicting with the program, you need to get in touch with the code provider.
      • Nitin: https://forums.adobe.com/community/muse
      • Nitin: Post your query here.
      • Nitin: I am afraid, We do not support codes related issues.
      • Nitin: I am the senior most agent of the Muse team and a Certified Muse Expert. I would have assisted you with pleasure if the issue have lied in the support boundaries.



      After this unbelievable answer, I come to you to present my case and to hope that someone in this forum can help me in a problem that I am sure can affect many users. At this hour, my page www.mfonlinshop.com continues down, hoping that a good Samaritan will help me to solve this problem.


      Thank you!


      Carlos Bauza / www.carlosbauza.com / @carlosbauza


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