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    Receiving duplicate emails and more

    angelika1975 Level 1

      Good morning,

      We just had a company create our website. When someone contacts us on our "contact us" form, we receive two emails. I've been working with someone at Adobe and they fix it but the next day it goes back to us receiving duplicates. Now I haven't received any response from them for two days so I'm reaching out here to find out how to get this fixed.

      Next question, when we receive these emails from our contact us page on our website, they come through the company that set up our website. However, we should be able to hit the reply button and it go directly to the person that sent the form (the email address that was input on our website contact us form). I've been told from Adobe that the only way this can go to the person that sent the form is if I upgrade.  Here are his words exactly

      "I can understand your issue, however the email that you are getting is a notification email which doesn't fetch the requester's email address to reply via any Email client.

      That can only be achieved using a workflow email. I'm afraid! There's no workaround that we can go about this scenario."

      The funny thing about this answer is that when I was receiving duplicate emails, one of those emails would go directly to the person that filled out the contact us form when I hit reply while the other email when I hit reply would go to the company that set up my website.  So obviously I don't need to upgrade and it was somewhat working at first.

      Last question - why when I do a search in my mail for something does it only search the "to" name and the "subject line". Why doesn't it search through the email.  All my other email accounts - google, AOL, etc will search the contents of the email. Why doesn't webmail do that? Or, if it does, how can I get it to work for me.

      Thank you

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are getting workflow notifications.

          In the admin you will have users, roles and workflows.


          If you receive the same email twice then either:


          1. Your admin user is in two roles and both of those assigned to receive the workflow notification

          2. Your admin user email is in a role but also in the CC part of the workflow and thus getting double ups

          3. You have one email in the admin (lets say info@company.com) and you have a forward in YOUR email system that sends any emails from that to your me@company.com email


          Things like that and not related to the system issues. So you or your IT person/developer needs to check all these and make changes to what you want it to do.