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    Preparing Photos in Photoshop to be the exact size needed for Illustrator or InDesign

    Lorie Zweifel Level 1



      I am doing layouts in either Illustrator or InDesign and like to prepare my photos in photoshop to be the exact dimensions needed for the placement in the other applications.


      So, for example....  I have a frame in Illustrator that is 160.005 x 149.665 px - this frame will hold a photo.  In Photoshop I create a document (photo) at that exact size and place the photo I am working with.  I then adjust the photo size to meet this requirement so that when it is placed into Illustrator it will be the proper size.  THIS IS NOT WORKING FOR ME and I don't know why.  Some times it does and some times it doesn't. 


      Please, if someone understands my stupid ways of doing things they could help me do it properly!!!


      Thank you all so very very much!