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    Anyone seen AMD's Ryzen7 chips tested running Lightroom?

    jonathan+7007 Level 1

      I had planned to build a new photography production [Windows]machine this spring. Along comes AMD's release of new CPU "Ryzen", and the chip in their set that looks like the right choice is 1700X. I could pick a Kaby Lake i7-7700 as the Intel alternative (with overclocking possible - but not planned).


      Just published in PCWorld is a thorough comparison of AMD vs. Intel process speeds in mostly test-bench software. They did, however, include rendering in Premier CC 2017. These tests make Ryzen a clear winner on price-to-performance. Another site I look to for pure tech comparisons is Anandtech. I haven't yet seen a motherboard comparison for AMD chipsets, which will help with the decision.


      AMD's new CPU is offering more cores and better use of these processing efficiencies. But Lightroom CC seems (both in reading tech experts and watching the Performance graphs in Windows) to be coded not to maximize use of cores. I admit I have not read much lately about this issue. Has it improved in the past year use of cores for multi-threading Preview generation, Developing, rendering, etc.?


      I also use Photoshop CC.


      Thoughts and suggestions welcome.