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    Getting color replacement tool to do one color; not skip black

    tlmurray23 Level 1

      System is Mac El Capitan and Photoshop CC 2010.0.1


      I have a bunch of logos I'm supposed turn every color other than white into a the same color (hex 6a6158). It doesn't matter what the original color is, period. They were a wide range of sizes so I took colored EPSs into Photoshop as smart objects, several at a time, so that I could resize them roughly the same, then export each layer as its own PNG with a transparent background. Fine so far for the colored PNGs.


      But turning them 6a6158 is a problem. I tried using the color replacement brush, but the first problem is that the brush won't change black; in other words, it skips white (like I want) but skips black, which I want 6a6158.


      The second problem is that the new colors are lighter or darker than 6a6158, my color picker foreground; for example, a yellow becomes a lighter 6a6158 and a dark red is a darker 6a6158. I could take the EPSs into Illustrator and change them there, but there are about 150 and I want to avoid all the additional steps have having to put them again into Photoshop.


      My questions are (1) how do I get it to change black, and (2) how do I get the new color change always the very same color?