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    Selection tools deleting pixels instead of deselecting when option is held


      Hello, I have been working with Photoshop for about 25 years, but took a year off from work to travel. Now that I'm back, I'm having a very basic problem, and I'm not sure if t's due to my aging computer system or if it's a new feature in Photoshop 2017 that I do not know how to work around. When I have a selection, I hold down the option key to deselect parts, but instead of simply deselecting those areas, it is also taking the pixels/image as well. At first, I thought this was a new feature that I needed to turn off or learn about, but I can't seem to google it up.


      I addition, if I change layers, the selection tool goes back to subtracting from the selection like normal. Might someone help me determine if this is old-mac-initis or a new feature?


      Specific example just in case: I command-select a layer of type to get marching ants around a word. I decide I want one of the letters deselected. I choose the lasso tool and, holding down the option key, draw a quick ring around the letter. Instead of just removing the selection, it also removes the letter.