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    Adobe Stock website very slow!!!!


      Its time to be honest about Adobe Stock, I was originally with dollar photo club which was great and fast!. Once Adobe bought it its been the slowest photo website I have every been on. Its so frustrating to have to wait for such a lagging website...I have a super fast computer work station at work and at home and it doesn't matter. Whether its navigating through the pages or going to my libraries the site is just slow or lags to load new pages with photos. On firefox I can barely get my libraries to show up completely, need to switch over to chrome. I've been a user of shutterstock, getty, istockphoto etc...and this site is the slowest in the market. I used to love browsing through images for hours with dollar photo but now with adobe stock its so slow and painful I can't imagine having to go through more than 10 pages. Get your developers to fix the issues with speed and lag time/loading page time! its ridiculous.


      Your frustrated user!