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    Adobe Stock website very slow!!!!

    johnnym40600883 Level 1

      Its time to be honest about Adobe Stock, I was originally with dollar photo club which was great and fast!. Once Adobe bought it its been the slowest photo website I have every been on. Its so frustrating to have to wait for such a lagging website...I have a super fast computer work station at work and at home and it doesn't matter. Whether its navigating through the pages or going to my libraries the site is just slow or lags to load new pages with photos. On firefox I can barely get my libraries to show up completely, need to switch over to chrome. I've been a user of shutterstock, getty, istockphoto etc...and this site is the slowest in the market. I used to love browsing through images for hours with dollar photo but now with adobe stock its so slow and painful I can't imagine having to go through more than 10 pages. Get your developers to fix the issues with speed and lag time/loading page time! its ridiculous.


      Your frustrated user!

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          spsb84 Adobe Employee

          Hi Johnnym,


          Apologies for this experience and thanks for sharing your feedback.


          Sometimes browser retains cache/cookies that hinders fast page loading. This can also be related to network internet/Wi-Fi - I am suspecting that to be last one to look into.


          Can you please try to release browser cache/cookies and then try again to load Adobe Stock site?




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            mikeven77 Level 1

            Same issue here. It's not a browser or internet speed issue. I have a great system and great speeds. It suspect it is server load times on adobe end. So bad, so very bad.

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              EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

              Hi ME,


              Have you cleared your browser cache/history recently? Also, a customer on a different forum thread said he is experiencing slowness while using Chrome but does not have the issue on Firefox. Can you please try switching browsers and let me know if that is a good workaround for you?



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                EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

                Hi JM,


                Which browser are you using to view the Adobe Stock website?





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                  heidsterrrr Level 1

                  I've been dealing with this for months. Kept thinking it was just a bug and it had to be fixed "soon". This morning I realized it seems to have gotten WORSE over the past few weeks. So painful. I end up having to multi-task and work on other projects while just waiting for each page of results to load! I use Chrome as my default browser, and it does seem to work a bit better in Explorer, but I don't want to use Explorer, and really just don't want to have to use two browsers at all. I'm on Windows 10 w/plenty of ram/processor/internet/etc. ... it's not me. And, yes, I clear my browser's cache, etc. on a daily basis.

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                    EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

                    Hi HR,


                    We really appreciate your feedback on site performance. I'm sending you a PM for additional information.




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                      savagequest Level 1

                      Hello -

                      I love ADOBE, but the Stock site needs some help!  I have the same issue, very, very slow, slower than any other stock site I've ever worked with. I have cleared my browser cache/cookies over and over - nothing seems to improve the speed quality and I'm so tired of it, I'm going to switch once my contract is up! 


                      This is not an internet speed problem, our corporate speed results are very fast, and if it was internal, then all the other stock sites would be running slow as well, don't you think?  Also, don't blame the users for NOT clearing cache and NOT having a fast internet - JUST make a product that WORKS universally like the others have already done!  I've never had to clear the cache using other stock services.


                      One more suggestion, the Library section is worthless, the only good part of it is that you can share with co-workers, clients, and apps, the actual Library itself needs a complete overhaul.

                      1. You cannot manage to clear out old library images unless you manually delete each one you no longer need, and not only that, you have to hit delete twice per image, soooooooo, that makes me not even want to ever, ever save anything back to the library ever again, and maybe this was the idea, but I call bad choice!
                      2. The Library is the slowest part of all Adobe Stock. It takes forever to load one library and the more images you have in it the longer it takes, I didn't read anywhere that there was a limit to how many images you can add to a library - apparently it's like 10 to stay efficient! 
                      3. I have a ton of different clients and verticals so my search spans a plethora of needs, I find it increasingly difficult to add Libraries as I need them since the little itty-bitty tiny 'Save To...' window forces me to sit and scroll through all my different libraries, which creates a conundrum when trying to have fewer libraries, but more images per library, then you go back to #2's issue where everything is super slow!  Thank you, you've successfully created image searching HELL!
                      4. The in-app image use is so slow I stopped using it. Not only that, I've had issues with the images not being what they advertise in the thumbnails - causing me hours of downtime to get credited back, and I've been charged double downloads on images I tried to get via 'Illustrator's Libraries' panel - so I simply cannot afford to use this feature anymore, hence, it no longer is a selling point to me!


                      Good luck with the updates,

                      Mr. Savage

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                        Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                        Thanks for the feedback Mark!


                        I'll be sure to pass it onto the concerned team for consideration.