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    Flash Framer Per Second Rate Differs From IE to C# to OLE

      Hi I wrote a flash mini game and I have added an fps counter to the frame start event. My .fla is set to 120fp and if I run this game in Internet Explore I see an fps around 110. I also have a C# app that uses the AxShockwaveFlashObjects.AxShockwaveFlash object, this app runs at 60fps. And lastly I have a C++ project that uses a Windowless Object and I use the OLEDraw call to a bitmap. This program runs at 30fps. Does anyone know or understand why there are such differences between the 3 apps. I can understand the OLE a little since it is a windowless object but it makes no sense to me that the C# to IE has a fps rate of about 1/2.