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    Question about Color Space / Mode




      I am trying to work solely in sRGB mode. This is the setting I have chosen on my Canon 5D III to save files in.


      Yet, when I open up a CR2 file, adjust it, and go to save it off as a TIF,


      ICC Profile : Adobe 1998 - is always checked.


      Must I manually uncheck this each and every time I want to save a file ?  Will unchecking it ensure that it is kept as sRGB ?


      I know I can always convert to sRGB through color mode, but I am trying to figure out a way to just leave it in sRGB since that is ( should be ), how it is coming in. 

      I don't relish the idea of having it shot in sRGB, then converted to Adobe 1998, then reconverted back to sRGB to make my printer happy.


      Makes no sense to me.


      I am a bit clueless in all of this, but I can't imagine anything is gained by all the flip-flopping.


      Thanks indeed for any suggestions / guidance,



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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          A raw file (.cr2) is not in any of the color spaces. That sRGB camera setting is only for camera  jpegs.

          The color space is applied when you convert from Raw. With Adobe Camera Raw open click on the information at the bottom of the ACR window and open the menu to choose the default colour space for your conversion.






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            sterne200 Level 1

            Now that's what I call an answer.


            Anything wrong per se, in working in the sRGB - any reason I wouldn't want to do this, for example ?


            Thanks so much.



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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              There is nothing wrong with it per se.


              If your output is to an inkjet there are some colours that can be captured by your camera, and printed on your printer, that fall inside the Adobe RGB space but outside the sRGB space. So you could in theory lose some of those. Unless you are using a wide gamut monitor, you are only going to see sRGB on screen.


              Me - I tend to use Adobe RGB for master files (saved with layers as PSDs) but always convert to sRGB when exporting for web use (as jpeg).


              If you are using an external printing agency - find one that accepts your files saved with the profile (sRGB a or ARGB) and that will supply you with a printer profile to soft proof your prints. If they can't - find another printer



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                sterne200 Level 1

                Thank you Dave for all the useful information !