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    Blank pages and script errors with WebHelp output

    jackiec78820261 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am running RoboHelp 2015 ( and Framemaker 2015 ( on Windows 10.


      My output is WebHelp, so when I press F1 on a page in my product, I get a blank page. I decided to just try to regenerate my project, then place the help files in the product. When I click F1 again, I get a script error (whutils.js). When I click Yes or No to continue running script errors, the first page of my help appears (not the proper screen for the page on which I click F1). I have read some previous posts but some of those solutions have not helped. I did talk to Adobe support and they think it's a developer/code issue with the product. I'm puzzled because first a blank page would appear when I clicked F1, so when I regenerated the project, plunked the files in the product's Help folder, and clicked F1 again, I get script errors. So I'm not sure what I did wrong.


      Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!