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    need some help with setting up paypal cart

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      working on a site and we are usin paypal for the payment process...

      the site is setup to allow multiple selections of items and options per

      If we use the Add to cart option i have to issue a button for each item /
      option so that the costs are correct once its time to checkout.

      If we use the Cart upload method, i can send the details up to paypal, but
      the transaction has to be completed then and they cannot continue shopping
      if there are more items they want to purchase..
      can anyone offer any suggestions.. maybe some good sites on how to gather
      all item selections thru-out the site so once they are done they can be
      taken to a confirmation page that has everything listed and if correct they
      can complete at once... or is there a way to post items to paypal based on
      item selections.. in other words...

      I select item #1 and option #1 for that item
      on the same page i select another option for that item..

      So when i click on the add to cart i want the shopping cart to have the
      following show up on the cart

      #1 Item big picture $25.00
      #1 - Nice frame $15.00
      #2 - Glass cover $5.00

      So i would like to be able to submit 3 seperate items to paypal with 1
      button... currently each button is configured per item..
      I can add option fields to the submission, but those do not have prices
      associated with them, so the nice frame and glass cover just show up as
      options and no cost so the customer will not be charged.

      any help would be great.

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