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    CFWindow in CF11 does not work with cookies off


      Moving a client to CF 11 server from CF 9 and when testing discovered that CFWIndows all fail if cookies are turned off in the browser. It looks like some sort of security issue because browser console reports security . If cookies are on everything works fine.


      ReferenceError: reference to undefined property Ext.Window

      TypeError: Ext.Window is not a constructor

      SecurityError: The operation is insecure.

      <anonymous> /ajax/ext/ext-all.js:18:87372



      Once I got an error about trying to access locastorage?


      Is there any fix for this so that we don't have to replace all cfwindows with a jquery equivalent?


      Any help appreciated


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          haxtbh Level 4

          The library that cfwindow uses, ExtJS, uses local storage to do some of its work. If cookies are disabled, local storage does not work either, which in turn means the library doesn't work.


          Coldfusion's built in windows, forms, inputs etc are all terrible. I would recommend moving to a jquery equivalent straight away rather then waste time.

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            WolfShade Level 4

            I mostly agree with haxtbh.  First of all (and I'm not positive about this) I understand that the ExtJS that CF packages is an older version than what is currently available.  That's not surprising seeing as how they packaged an old Lucene (1.4) for Solr collections in CF10 (Lucene v4.? is currently available, I think.)


            As far as localStorage not working if cookies are disabled - it is my understanding that the two are separate and do not affect each other.  I do know that if one clears one's browser history, that will clear localStorage since localStorage is per domain (erase the domains from history, erase the stored data associated with the erased domains.)  But I've never had a problem storing values or objects in localStorage when cookies have been disabled.


            I do COMPLETELY agree with haxtbh regarding CFs built-in windows, forms, inputs, etc., being terrible.  They are.  Totally.  Never, ever use CFFORM for anything (especially Flash forms.)  And while there are some who think that the data-binding alone is worth using CFFORM and respected elements, you'd be much better off using standard FORM, form elements, and JavaScript / jQuery to manually create whatever you need - much more granular control, and you LEARN stuff.  (BONUS!)  I've used CFWINDOW with limited success, and it's not nearly as nice as creating one from jQuery and jQuery-UI.  It's worth taking the time to learn it.


            Trust.  (Just my $0.02 worth.)