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    How can I keep the auto tab function from jumping back and forth from current to first page. The pages are alike and spawned.

    robert.a.marsh Level 1

      Here is my current coding;

      Custom Format:

      var cPreFix = "";

      // get prefix elements for spawned pages;

      var aFieldName = event.target.name.split(".");

      if(aFieldName.length > 2)


      // first 2 elements of name array makeup the prefix for fields on a spawned page;

      cPreFix = aFieldName[0] + "." + aFieldName[1] + ".";



      Key Stroke:


      goNextAlpha(this, event, cPreFix + "ls.1", true);


      This only occurs when not completely filling in the auto tabs of previous pages, is there additional coding or changes that need to be made. Thanks.