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    Passing variables from loader movie to loaded movie, Flash Satay method

      I like the Flash Satay method for its clean integration and standards-compliance, however there are still some things I can't manage the way I want to... I'm trying to implement a working method to pass variables from the loader movie to the loaded movie. As you may know, the Flash Satay method uses a small SWF file which uses a bit of code to load the desired movie, all in order to allow IE browsers to retain streaming capabilities when rendering Flash content through the <object> tag. Basically it's just a small file with the following AS2 code in the first frame:

      loadMovieNum(path, 0);

      This means the c.swf file is ENTIRELY replaced at level0 with the desired movie, and any variables that were passed to the loader movie turn to smoke.

      I'm trying to generate a querystring using all other variables the loader movie receives, and pass that along with the filename for loadMovieNum. This seems to be working very well in most cases, but whenever there's a URL in the querystring (even URLEncoded), BAM, everything turns to lowercase... EVERYTHING... here's an example:


      this successfully loads banner.swf in place of c.swf, with the following correct querystring appended


      If I try:


      this successfully loads banner.swf in place of c.swf, but I end up with lower-cased querystring (all of it!!):


      what happens to my capital letters?? I need these to remain case-sensitive as there is no saying how the loaded movies are programmed. The generally accepted convention for "clicktag-enabled" banners is to use _root.clickTag as the link button's URL...

      Even URL-encoding the URL doesn't change this

      For reference, here's the HTML snippet and ActionScript 2 code I use:
      ---- html ----

      <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="c.swf?path=banner.swf" width="728" height="90">
      <param name="movie" value="c.swf?path=banner.swf" />
      <param name="FlashVars" value="clickTag=http://www.google.com/" />