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    All work gone



      I have been using Adobe to make notes on the PDF versions of my school text. I have had no issues with the first two chapters. All of a sudden today, after I had finished making all my notes and highlighting everything For the module I am on a couple days ago, I went to open th PDF and now everything is gone after the 12th page. I spent so many full days studing that work, making those notes, drawing diagrams, etc, and now it's just all gone. I need help on fixing this. Also now all of a sudden there is a duplicate of the document saying "xxxxx xxxxx Conflicted copy in brackets. Neither of which contain my work...


      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Shelbychic,




          The PDF file that  you are referring here, was it actually created in Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile application?

          Or what was the source of the file, was it saved to in your device or on Document Cloud?

          Because If you make any changes in the document using Acrobat Reader app, it saves the changes automatically.

          If the file has been backed up on Document Cloud, then there is a possibility that you can get the entire document in which you have made the changes.

          Also, check the other locations like- My Document, Local, Document Cloud etc. to see if there is a duplicate copy has been saved.

          Otherwise it would be difficult to retrieve if it has not been backed up.




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