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    No .indd files will open


      I am having a problem with CS5.5. ANY indd file I try to open will not open. I get a framework of InDesign information, but no file. If I try to do anything on the usual toolbars, nothing happens because it does not have an open file. If I try to open the file again, SOMETIMES I get an "open in another program." However, it does not say what program or where. And it does not say that all the time. In my list of saved files, all have the suffix .indd. None of them seem to be locked, none of them have ,indk. Please help me find and open them'



      Nothing has changed in the system that I know of since it worked just fine. I am using Windows 10. It is any .indd file on the computer whether it is single or in book form. It won't let me create a new file. Nothing opens.