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    How To Bulk Replace Image In Smart Object With An Action


      I've done a ton of research, and haven't quite found a solution to what I'm trying to do. This thread was probably the closest match.


      I have a mockup .psd file of a person wearing a hoodie with a logo on the front. The logo image is saved in a smart object. The image looks like this:



      I can manually open the psd file, double click the smart object, and replace/resize a different logo on the sweatshirt no problem. I have a folder of hundreds of the same size transparent PNG's that I'd like to replace the image in the smart object with.


      Is using an action the recommend route here? Or is there a better way?


      My end goal is to create an application that allow me to upload a design (with the same size & dimensions as the original), and have it replace the file in the smart object. To do that, one of the programmers recommend creating an action.  The goal would be to run an entire folder of logos onto the original psd, replace the smart object, and save each newly mocked up file in another folder.


      How should we accomplish this?