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    Macbook Pro External Monitor - Desktop

    djaniero Level 1



      I've had a search around but not been able to find an answer.


      Can anyone tell me how I can connect a macbook pro to an external monitor.


      I have been watching some tutorials on youtube, and some people use usb-c monitors, and docking stations. But I'm unsure what cables I need to do this.


      On my to get list so far is:


      1. Monitor

      2 Keyboard

      3. Mouse

      4. Speakers

      5. Dock - Not too sure if this is needed? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Henge-Docking-Station-MacBook-Retina/dp/B00JPIKNX2/ref=sr_1_1?ie= UTF8&qid=1488488617&sr=8-1&key…

      6. Cables.......what do I need?




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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          if your macbook pro doesn't have any regular display connections (like displayport or hdmi out), you may need a thunderbolt to hdmi or dp adapter. you might have to look up accessories/adapters for you specific macbook pro model/year, and see whats available for the ports it has. a hub or docking station may be a good option if you want/need those extra features and ports. if your macbook pro is using thunderbolt, i think there are some monitors that can use thunderbolt for display and don't need the adapter.

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            djaniero Level 1

            Its a mid 2014 model. From what I can gather it has 2 x TB ports, 2x USB ports, 1HDMI port and a micro sd slot.