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    optimizing creates repeated material at bottom of page

    jeffreyq48506784 Level 1

      Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, Mac OS 10.12.3 on 21.5-inch, Late 2015 iMac (but has done this with previous OS/computers


      When I attempt to optimize a pdf (of music scanned @400dpi as a jp2 and then converted to pdf with black-white filter in Preview, but it happens with direct to pdf as well)), material from about the middle of the page appears at the bottom of the page, repeated. I've tried: rebooting, turning off everything but deskew in the optimizer (what I really need this for), changing the quality slider, shutting down other open programs. I thought that I had beaten this with the new computer, but it has returned. Here's what it looks like (material at bottom not in original-- sometimes this is music, on a music page.) Any ideas of how to fix this?