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    Flash Game - Help Needed

    gamekreator74 Level 1

      I would like to build an 8-bit old Nintendo type of game using Flash5. I don't have any desire to learn coding.


      Would I need Flash Catalyst (which I heard involves no coding?) or is the Professional version much better?

      Which version of CS5 should I purchase and how/ where can you buy it outright without subscription.


      I will need to accomplish the following:


      add bitmaps to level maps (need to also know the best way to sink bitmaps into an 8-bit style platform...maybe a file transfer program?

      add mp3s

      make a dice game


      I'd also like to know which version of Flash CS5 to count on for my game (if applicable) for better save size & for performance as well?

      Can you setup the game to perform with an old NES controller that plugs into the USB port?

      Also, If coding is not needed to work in Flash catalyst, can it build a game?

      If you were to add jump, run and which gamepad buttons - you need to at least modify code, right?


      Finally, do you play back the game in Flash itself as an .swf file?


        Thanks for your help!

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry, but you are going to have to learn to code. But a lot of this has been done before, so there are resources out there. I used to teach OOP with Adobe Director and use Atari 2600 games as reference.


          Flash Catalyst is a now long dead product. Its primary use was to help design and prototype interfaces for Adobe Flex (now Apache Flex).


          You should look at Adobe Animate (the renamed and enhanced version of Adobe Flash Professional) as an option. Good luck on your effort, but there is a lot of actual learning ahead of you.



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            gamekreator74 Level 1

            Wow. I find your responses to be pretty condescending.


            The programs which you have called 'dead' are still available to those of us who don't have thousands to spend on them and/ or don't work for Adobe (or ADPs like yourself). Even if Adobe doesn't sell them or let you get help for them over the phone, you shouldn't ruin people's hopes of getting genuine answers by bombing their threads like this. Creative Suite lives! People use it all the time (and still buy it - sshhh!)


            Going forward, I'll spend more hours trying to find out which 'dead' program suits my needs best. And, Ill make it work (see youtube).


            Thanks for nothing.

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              Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

              I am not trying to ruin your hopes, but rather point you toward the best solutions. Sales of Adobe Flash Catalyst software ended on April 23, 2012, so forgive me if I basically I try to keep you from using something that is not supported for almost 5 years. Beyond that, the product would never have met your needs for developing a game. It was designed for application UI development. You can certainly use Flash CS5 to develop your game, but I am afraid you will encounter issues when trying to publish as a mobile app or as a desktop app (Adobe AIR). Operating Systems have changes, app store requirements have changed. You are probably going to have more issues working with 5-year old solutions that you expect. But feel free to try...


              Personally, I would look at Phaser or some other JavaScript game engines to build what you are talking about.