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    Glitch Slideshow

    hikarip96604024 Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I would like to show you my AE CS5 Slideshow template.

      It took me about 3 weeks to make it how it is now.


      Can you please give me some advice how to create hybrid version of that animation that will be even better...




      Here is the link to Videohive I hope it can be helpful with your projects


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I always back off from my work for several hours or even a couple of days and then try and look at it with a fresh eye. I'm trying to give you some constructive criticism that will help you improve your product. Please don't be offended.


          I don't see any purposeful motion in that template that draws my eye to any specific point or emotion. It's just raw and disconcerting.


          When I'm doing titles or opening sequences with music I always try and match the graphics and the sound track to create some emphasis and try and drive some kind of emotional response. I don't see very many spots in this template that draw my attention to a title or a graphic. It's mostly just visual noise that is not in sync to the sound track. 


          I'd work on something that a user could use to sync movement and style (your glitches) to the sound track and, ideally, allow the users to position the graphics and text over their images to improve the composition and draw the eye to the important parts of the shot. I always try and do that. I have about 200 animation presets that I have built to help me automate cool moves. They are all based on in and out points of the layer and most of them will allow you to re-position and scale the layer without fouling up the move. If I were to pay for a template I'd pay quite a bit for one that allowed me that kind of easy editing.


          Here's one, for example, that flys a layer in from the left side of the frame, bounces to a stop, then falls off the screen. Dropbox - flyInBounceDropOut.ffx You position the layer in it's hero position, apply the preset, then set the in and out point. Sliders and a check box control the timing and the dynamics. If you set up your template to use something like this and tied it to an audio track where the user could easily use the Keyframe Assistant to generate a new set of keyframes you might really have something.

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            hikarip96604024 Level 1

            Hello Rick, Thank you for your opinion.

            You are right visuals and music should dance like old marrage. But from the other hand this kind of template should work with any music composition and ending user can edit more to the beat using different track.


            .ffx is smart way to leave buyer space to change things but hard to screw them up.

            Thank you for your post.

            Greetings from Poland