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    Cancellation of Adobe Stock


      Hello Adobe Forums,


      I signed up for the trial free month of Adobe Stock and went to cancel it today. When I tried the self cancellation method I was told there would be a $150+ fee! I was quite shocked and contacted support for help understanding why canceling my trial month would result in a fee. The support rep insisted I keep the account or pay the fee, and could only help me with a two free months of service. While they were helpful they were not able to help me cancel the subscription without incurring this surprise fee.


      Can you help me understand why I can't cancel my trial month of Adobe Stock? As a follow up, how was I unknowingly put into an annual contract with a service instead of a single trial month as advertised?

      Please help!


      Chat (Adobe Case 0221347702) included below for reference:


      info: Thank you for contacting Adobe membership services. You will be attended to shortly.

      info: You are now chatting with 'SUBHASHIT'

      SUBHASHIT: Thank you for contacting Adobe Membership Services,How can I help you today?

      Joey McDaniel: Hello

      Joey McDaniel: I have signed up for a month of Adobe Stock as a trial, and I'm trying to cancel it. However when I try to do so it tells me I will be charged an early cancellation penalty of over $150.

      info: Your chat transcript will be sent to staronstage@yahoo.com at the end of your chat.

      SUBHASHIT: Thank you for staying online, May I know the reason that why you wish to cancel the subscription?

      Joey McDaniel: I enjoy Adobe Stock but I can not afford it right now.


      SUBHASHIT: I would suggest you to complete the tenure and to help you continue with the subscription, I can provide you a lucrative deal where in we will add one month free to your account and you won't be charged for the next month which can lower down your expenses. You can still continue using the subscription.

      Joey McDaniel: I appreciate the free month, thank you. However I need to ensure that I can cancel the subscription before I am charged again.

      SUBHASHIT: You have to complete the annual contract

      Joey McDaniel: That is not acceptable. I was signing up for a single month of service with every intent to cancel if I couldn't afford it.

      SUBHASHIT: As I can see you have purchased  with a Monthly Payment option under an annual commitment. With this option, you got the product at a cost effective and discounted price.

      SUBHASHIT: Since you agreed to be in a commitment, if you cancel the subscription within the commitment period, there is an Early Termination Fee which amounts to 50% of the remaining months.

      SUBHASHIT: This fee is as per the contract you agreed to at the time of purchase and was mentioned in the terms and conditions as well.

      SUBHASHIT: We hate to see you go and as a valuable customer we would like to extend our hand forward and we can go ahead and extend the same offer to two months. This means that Adobe will not charge you for next two months.

      Joey McDaniel: Thank you for the two months, I really do appreciate it. As a looooooooong time Adobe nerd you've always had great service.

      SUBHASHIT: With your permission, can I go ahead and apply this offer on your account?

      Joey McDaniel: yes please

      SUBHASHIT: Great!

      SUBHASHIT: Allow me 2-3 minutes

      Joey McDaniel: okay

      SUBHASHIT: I have credited 2 months free in your account

      Joey McDaniel: Thank you. I appreciate your help.Within those two months of service, I will need to escalate this to find a way to cancel what I believed to be a monthly and not an annual service.

      Joey McDaniel: But you have been very helpful

      SUBHASHIT: Next Billing date: 07 May 2017

      SUBHASHIT: Next Renewal Date: 06 Feb 2018

      SUBHASHIT: Adobe Subscription terms: https://www.adobe.com/misc/subscription_terms.html


      Joey McDaniel: Yes, thank you for the terms. I will follow up at a later date.

      SUBHASHIT: Okay

      SUBHASHIT: Is there anything else I can help you with?

      Joey McDaniel: No. And thank you again for the two months.

      SUBHASHIT: You are most welcome

      SUBHASHIT: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!

      Joey McDaniel: Bye!