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    E_AUTH_NOT_READY: please help before I lose existing books

    Iolo bvm Level 1

      Related to the documented procedure to fix the E_AUTH_NOT_READY issue.


      The host computer, and the existing Sony Reader (discontinued device, unfortunately) is currently authorized with an Adobe ID through the corresponding Sony "Reader for PC" application.

      I try now to add a new reader (Kobo), and possibly transfer existing DRM-ed epub books to it.

      For this purpose I have installed ADE 4.5, and by default ADE doesn't detect this PC as being authorized (presumably because the authorization has been performed through Sony Reader for PC).

      When trying to authorize it (and hopefully, also the attached new reader - the Kobo), I get the E_AUTH_NOT_READY error.

      I have read the instructions to work around it, but wonder if by first deauthorizing the PC, then re-authorizing ity, I will NOT lose access to ANY of my current books, authorized with the Sony Reader app (and the same Adobe ID). I am afraid to perform any destructive step without any way to revert to the previous situation in the case of problem.


      1. When deauthorizing then re-authorizing this PC with ADE 4.5, is there any risk to permanently break access to my existing ebooks ? (keeping in mind that these books have been authorized and the library managed by the Sony Reader for PC app)

      2. If deauthorization is successful, will I be able to grant access and authorize both readers (the old Sony and the new Kobo) to the existing ebooks ?

      3. if 2 isn't possible, what is the correct procedure to transfer some of the existing ebooks from the Sony to the new Kobo ?