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    Synchronization - can it do what I want?

    petera22370016 Level 1

      I have my Lightroom CC catalog and RAW image files stored on my desktop PC. I've worked that way for the past seven years: Lightoorm 3, 5 and CC. I'm comfortable with this arrangement. Last year I bought a Microsoft Surface 3 tablet. I would like to set it up so that the contents of one of my Smart Collections is synchronized from the desktop system. This will always be a one-way sync: desktop to tablet. There are some 4500 images involved, all with a complex set of keywords. I would want the keywords and the sub-structure of the Smart Collection retaining. I do not need to have the original RAW files. I will be able to get all that I need from a preview image.


      Can this be done? If so, please advise me how.