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    Delete security policy?

    One Trick Wolf
      Hi, I'm testing a flash that uses xml socket connections along with an uploading functions and various php functions. I have to constantly change the security policy settings as I make changes. I noticed that if I change the security policy in the configuration of my xml socket application or in the flash source file it won't work for other people but will work for me. I assume this is because I already loaded the working security policy and the bad one doesn't overwrite it. I tried uninstalling both my browser and the flash player plug in but that didn't work. Most my users complain that the application only doesn't work in Firefox, but since I tested in Firefox previously I can't replicate the errors that they are getting to fix it.

      This is killing me for testing and was wondering if there was anyway to delete the security policy flash sets? Can I set the flash player plug in to default settings somehow?