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      I'm trying to learn Captivate and make a demo of my company's website. It involves selecting (clicking) drop-down boxes, scrolling the web page up and down, clicking on selections, typing into text boxes, etc. The captures all seem to be made, but when I preview the whole the thing, many of the mouse clicks are not showing up in the right place, i.e. where they belong on the page. For example, if I click a button that is near the bottom of the page in reality, in the capture, the click and accompanying text box will appear near the top of the web page. I hope this is making sense. I've tried doing full motion capture, and disabling hardware acceleration but nothing seems to help. Any ideas would be very greatly appreciated.
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          rtn507 Level 1
          @CRC Bob: I am having similiar issues with Captivate. If/when our tech people give us some answers I'll definitely post here.

          We are also having problems with resolution size. We have decided to go with Custom View for all Captivate projects company wide. However, the procedure we are capturing involves opening a second browser application which is by default larger than 900x625 (what we agreed on using). I've tried Full Size and Application View and the same issue arises, in addition to the link placement issues brought up by CRC Bob.

          Any help is appreciated!

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            Could it be a question of clicking to quickly to navigate your website? I used to have that and had to slow down, especially when opening and closing demo documents on the website, as the mouse and picture did not come up on the same slide. started to navigate slowly, making sure not to do next step until I heard that little metallic "click" sound.

            gd luck
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              Thanks for your responses and ideas. I think the speed of navigating the site may have something to do with it. But the main solution I've found is this: I first record the entire thing that I want to, start to finish. Then I go in & manually edit every slide. This way I can place text captions, mouse movements & clicks, etc. exactly where I need them. I also find a lot of slides I don't need, so I either hide or delete them. Anyway, it seems to be working pretty well now. It's just a bit tedious, with all the manual edits required.
              Thanks again.
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                rtn507 Level 1
                Thanks for the advice about moving through the capture slowly, now that I think of it that makes sense. I too have resolved much of the issues by doing tedious manual edits, which seems to work, it's just that--tedious!
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                  Hi i'm africanmedia, i'm video editor on adobe premiere pro 7 but all my pc are now "capture device offline" than i do no what to do now.
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                    rtn507 Level 1

                    You need to install Adobe Captivate 3. This is the capture software you will need.
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                      Hi CRC Bob.

                      In relation to those extra slides you don't need, sometimes those slides relect the changing transition of a button when its pressed.

                      For example, sometimes when you press a button in an application, the colours of the button change. If you delete these "extra slides" you don't get that affect in your demo. No big deal perhaps, but I thought that was interesting when I found out.