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    Some shortcuts not working


      Hello! I'm having an issue with my photoshop shortcuts, anytime I need to use SHIFT its like it doesn't engage the shortcut, but I can capitalize letters with it so I know its not the keyboard. If anyone could please tell me how to could reset my keyboard shortcuts so that the shift key does work again and maybe figure out how i did it in the first place so that i can avoid doing it again in the future.

      THANK YOU!

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          Rob de Winter Adobe Community Professional

          Hey! I'm not sure what this could be. Maybe it's a Photoshop bug. I'll first try to restart Photoshop. If it doesn't work I think it's best to reset Photoshops preferences:


          1) quit photoshop

          2) restart it but directly hold CTRL (or Cmd on Mac), Alt and Shift.

          3) you'll see an alert that asks you if you want to reset Photoshops preferences, hit OK

          4) I hope it works again. If not, can you tell when it's not working?

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            BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

            Sometimes we see other applications causing conflicts. Try Rob's suggestions first, but if it is still an issue, see what happens if you reboot the computer and only open up Photoshop—no other files—and test again.