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    HTML help on Arabic

    limacon Level 1
      Does anyone use RoboHelp 7 for creating HTML helps on Arabic?

      I cooperate with person who should localize into Arabic helps created by me on English. Arabic characters are displayed in topics, but they are broken in TOC, and only "????" are displayed. My localization partner use Robohelp 7, while I'm using Robohelp X5.

      I know that officially Robohelp doesn't support Arabic but at the Robohelp HTML X5, Arabic helps are generated without any problems if all required Regional Settings for Arabic have been set before compilation.

      As for Robohelp 7 "project.hhc" file contains Arabic titles displayed correctly, and output .chm file shows stuff.
      At the same time, Webhelp displays correct Arabic TOC.

      This time we decided to generate Arabic help by means of Robohelp X5 installed on my computer, but what will my partner do when he will work himself, or when he will update the help?
      Do you know how we can solve this problem in Robohelp 7?

      Thank you in advance.