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    Adobe Animate and interaction with linked video files saved locally...


      Hello everybody, I'm new to Adobe Animate / Flash and ActionScript.

      I'm working on a simple interactive program for a museum (touch screen kiosk).

      I created a menu with a few buttons that, when clicked, load and play MP4 video files that are saved locally and linked to, NOT embeded inside Adobe Animate.


      My questions are:


      1. How can I do so that when a video ends, the program returns automatically to the main menu.


      2. How can I do so that if the user decides to click a menu button the return to the main menu BEFORE the video has finished, the video stops (now I can still hear the audio of the video even if the program has returned to the main menu.


      3. How about cache? It is automatically emptied when a video has finished or stopped or do I have to insert some special controls to prevent that become saturate causing problems in the use of the program?


      I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance and forgive my bad English.