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    Adobe Stock Subscription Questions

    andrewglover Level 1

      We are looking at purchasing a team Adobe Stock subscription, however we have the following questions:


      1) Each plan states that it has XYZ number of standard assets included. We are assuming these include images, however what is not included in the "standard" assets? Are illustrations, videos, templates, and 3D assets considered "standard." If not do these need to be purchased individually, or do they just use more asset download (example: a video is worth 3 standard assets). Also are there "premium" images that are not included in these assets number?


      2) Assuming we signup for a 1 year term (annual), but get 6 months in and realize we need to either upgrade or downgrade our plan will there be a cancellation fee? We would still have a subscription, so it would not be considered canceled, but we are wondering how changing that subscription level would effect billing? i.e. if we generally need to use 40 assets a month, but we know we will have a big project for a 2 month period requiring us to upgrade for those two months to the larger plan, then down grade back to the 40 asset level once that big project is done.