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    Photoshop-video tutorial for exact this task?

    Mohammad Modassir Level 1


      Where can I find an Photoshop-video-tutorial, which explain how to make professional posters containing professional 3D or high resolution images, with top quality 3D text with light and without?


      I am a beginner and need to create professional posters. So I need to learn how to create one. There are no room for error or quality-fatigue.


      I want to be professional in making posters.


      I can use Photoshop like insert default text, change size, import and export images, crop, cut, paste, change ruler settings, but thats about it. I don’t want to spend time on learning things I would never need in making high-quality 3d posters, so that is the reason I am looking for a comprehensive course in the form of a video-tutorial, which ONLY speak about this topic, i.e making poster in high-quality with 3D light and other important designing things, which I need to know about making a poster.


      Any help is appreciated.