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    Printing photoshop paper size isn't compatible with the installed media dnp ds40



      I use a ds40 dnp photo printer, everything was working and i install a canon printer, next thing when i try to print with ds40 i have

      The select paper size is not compatible with installed media

      media is 6x8 i checked the setting of course, uninstall the driver, uninstall photoshop but keeping the preferences , restart computer, install driver, install photoshop.

      and same thing...

      i tried to print with lightroom same setting and it s working, also withw preview  it s printing, so it seems that the problem come from photoshop, media size is correct in the dialogue box, but not when it s sent to printer..

      Not sure what to do anymore ((

      my solution now it s to save the photo and print it with preview it s a big waste of time.


      Next step will be to format my mac,  if someone have a idea before i do that it will be great, i search on the google few people seems to have similar problem, and other person was the other way around, printing with photoshop but not lightroom


      Thanks in advance for your help