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    Why does Indesign add the full document path to my weblinks when I export to PDF?


      Hi all,


      At work we've got Indesign CS6 version 8.1, running on Windows 7 version 6.1.


      I'm having trouble with exporting from Indesign to PDF. Somewhere in the process, it's adding the full document path to the weblinks in the text. So that, when I click on the link in the PDF it shows the full folder/document path along with the actual url (e.g., file:///%5C%5CWIFL%5CPUBSDATA%5CPPC%5CAJHP%5CAJHP%20Documents--Regular%20Issue%5CISSUES%2 0FOR%202017%5CMay%2015%5CMS%5C2016-0100%5Cwww.ashp.org%5CDocLibrary%5CAccreditation%5CRTP_ ObjPGY2AdvanceGoalObj.pdf, when the actual url starts with "www"). Is there a setting/preference somewhere that I can change so that it will just link to the actual url?


      Thanks so much in advance for any help with this!