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    slideshow text overlays on Lightroom Mobile


      Hi all, new to the forum.

      I have successfully created a slideshow in Lightroom cc (current version) and it previews and plays perfectly.  If I export a pdf version it is also correct.  When presented in Lightroom Mobile, however, there are no text overlays visible and the first and last "black" slides are not visible.  I have searched everywhere I can think of to no avail.  The slideshow was created on a Windows 10 machine and all of my Mobile devices are Apple if that makes any difference. I also made it public and played it using the provided link to adobe.ly and the images and the titles come up but the text is not where I placed it.  I ended up exporting a pdf version and copying it to the three Apple devices but that becomes quite time consuming.

      Can anyone help?


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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi VRW,


          Did you try reinstalling the app?




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            vw5254 Level 1


            The mobile app has the same response on three different machines and was installed at three different times, the most recent was this weekend.  All respond exactly the same. 

            The cc app says it is up-to-date and, being an online application, and that it was working on the desktop just fine (and exports correctly to .pdf) I assumed that it was OK as well.  I could certainly uninstall and reinstall it from the desktop platform, WIN 10, if that seems like a good idea.  I hadn't thought of it.

            Do you know if there is any danger of loosing links to the catalog if I do that?  I currently have quite a few images from a recent project.