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    Ink Coverage Error? 299% ink flagged at 300%

      • I have a PSD placed into an InDesign file
      • The PSD was converted to my print profile - ISO coated v2 300 ECI - I also tried with no embedded profile, tried saving as a pdf, all to the same results.
      • The darkest section of the image shows at 299% ink coverage in photoshop
      • InDesign document is also set to ISO coated v2 300 ECI
      • Transparency blend space is set to CMYK, not sure if that matters but everything is consistent.
      • BUT the darkest sections show up red when Ink Coverage preview is turned on in InDesign


      So I tried exporting it to a pdf.

      • PDF output was ALSO set to ISO coated v2 300 ECI
      • The darkest sections show up green BUT they are still listed at 299%! I assure you I was hovering over a green highlighted area when I took this screenshot.

      So apparently the correct color numbers are getting through, but InDesign and Acrobat flag 299% inks at 300%? What gives?

      • Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.02.02 PM.png