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    PS - Wacom - Win ink


      I use windows and a Wacom cintiq. A few years ago I had an anoying bug with my wacom-tablet where it made shaky lines after a while. That problem just disapeared some day, and everything was fine.


      But resently I started to have bugs in PS where it had up to 30 seconds lag when I used my pen while holding in ctrl / alt / shift. This was a major annoyance, but I could work around it sometimes.


      I finally found out what it was, It was the Windows Ink feature that made modifier-key popups alongside the cursor when I pressed them.

      Disabling WinInk also disabled the preassure sensitivity, so to work around it I found a solution online where I made a text-dokument within appdata-something-something.


      That worked great until the old "Shaky-line" problem suddenly appeared.


      It turnes out that the old "windows-tablet driver" was the cause of the shaky-line problem, and WinInk solved that problem. But now I cant use WinInk anymore because of the mod-key lag.


      Does anybody know of a way to disable those horrible mod-key-tags without disabilng WinInk?


      I run Win 10 on a DELL XPS15 (2016). Latest update of PS, Windows and Wacom-drivers.