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    Interactive PDF export from InDesign - display a "Default Value" in a Text Field?

    Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

      Hello all.


      When preparing an interactive PDF that contains Text Fields, I'd like to have a Text Field pre-populated so that the user can highlight the old data and then input the correct data. I thought this was possible directly from InDesign... until I tried it.


      I can apply a Name and Description to the Text Field, but the name doesn't appear (it's there to identify the field from other fields); and the Description is turned into a tooltip upon creation of the interactive PDF.


      It IS possible to do this once the interactive PDF is edited with Adobe Acrobat Professional. Using the Prepare Form tool, click on the Text Frame and right click "properties" to display the properties palette. Navigate to the fourth tab along the top of the palette (Options) and change the Default Value to what is desired.


      Am I missing something very basic in Adobe InDesign, or is this another feature that has to be adjusted once in Adobe Acrobat Professional, such as changing the typeface from Times to something else?


      Many thanks,