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    question about batch processing (setting up an order for source files)




      I have a question about the batch processing feature of the new photoshop.

      I want to safe 100x different .psd files as 100 .jpg files. Their names should be kept starting from number 1 to 100.

      This generally works with the stuff I've setup in this screenshot http://prntscr.com/efx45x (sry german version).

      But ... Photoshop opens the source .psd files randomly. So it starts e.g. with psd number 40 and safes it as 1 and so on... I want to keep the exact numbers of the .psd files as the created .jpg file. Is there a possibility to tell PS to open the files in order according to filenames?


      I would be very pleased if someone could offer me a solution for this.

      Thank you very much!