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    Complex actions help

    trobinson Level 1

      Is it possible to set up actions and ultimately create a droplet that will open 6 pages in a 28 page PDF and combine 2 of the open pages into one file?

      I need to make sales images for calendars I'm producing. The INDD file is set up so the image part of the calendar and the grid part of the calendar are separate so printer can refigure for booklet printing.


      I realize scripting might be the answer here but I don't know anything about that so if that's the case any resources on how to learn or who to contact to pay for a custom script would be great.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Yes, you will have to use scripting. Actions have no memory so they simply won't know nor care on which files they operate. the scripting guides are available on the PS developer pages and there is of course the PS scripting forum.