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    Menu gets stuck

      I can't figure out why, but one of the menus I made keeps getting stuck while animating in. I have two menus that use the exact same code, but with different handlers and names, but for some reason the second one alway gets stuck on it's initial run. So when I play my swf, the movie plays and then I hit "menu", and the first menu slides in perfectly, but when I hit the button to open "directions" (havent made the rest of my buttons link to anything yet), the menu attempts to slide in, but gets stuck, does so in a really jerky movement, or doesnt come in at all. But when you try it the second time around, it works flawlessly.

      take a look for yourself and tell me what you think please, because I need to fix this.


      Here is my code:

      the instance name of the menu with the difficulty is "menu2"