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    How do I create this effect?




      I have downloaded the trial version of After Effects. I need a certain text animation for a video project and I am willing to buy the full version if I can figure out how to accomplish what I need. Below is a link to a sample of the text animation I would like to achieve. Can anyone help me (as a complete beginner) in creating this effect in After Effects?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You got all the answers you need in that other thread.



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            joeg23308597 Level 1

            Sorry if I shouldn't have posted to both forums. I started with the Premiere forum since that is where my question was first asked...but then I realized maybe it was best to ask here in the AE forum.


            Anyway, I still was unable to figure out how to produce the effect I was looking for...I think I need more specific step by step instructions. I have no experience with AE or Premiere except for a few minutes in each...



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              A.I.1 Level 3

              I can't see an easy way to recreate the exact effect (without doing it more manually) but if you want to use a preset, a similar effect I saw (but not quite the same as the one in the example) is:


              1) Create a composition

              2) Add a text layer (click on the T and add some text eg. "Pickle" like in the examle)

              3) from the top menu, click on "Animation", then "Browse Presets"

              4) In the "Presets" window thing, click on "Text"

              5) Click on "Tracking"

              6) Click on the "Magnify" preset (it should then preview it in a window)

              7) If you want that animation applied to your text, right-click on the "Magnify" preset, then select "Place in After Effects".


              If's a similar effect though not quite the same. Perhaps you can re-create the exact effect by, instead of selecting that preset (and assuming a different preset does have the right effect), selecting the text layer, in the animate button, enabling per character 3d and keyframing the scale somehow - not sure exactly how you scale each character manually though but it's probably somewhere there)

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                joeg23308597 Level 1

                Thanks for the details! When I went to try it though, it said I needed "Bridge" installed...so I am installing that now...will give it a try as soon as I can.


                Thank you


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                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                  How did everything work out, Joe? Did any of the advice here help you?