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    InDesign 2017CC Freezes MacOS Sierra 10.12.4

    James Bow Level 1

      I am encountering some rather odd behaviour from Adobe InDesign. Basically, whenever I open InDesign, the program will work pretty well for the first several minutes. It will even shut down properly when I quit. However, 95% of the time I open InDesign, my MacBook Pro will eventually freeze. This will happen pretty suddenly. I won't even get the spinning beach ball of death. My keyboard and my trackpad will simply become unresponsive, and my Apple clock will stop. The only solution is to hold down the power key to shut the computer down and restart.


      For the remaining 5% of the time, my Apple session will suddenly become corrupted. Dropdown menus will suddenly turn invisible, or show portions of Adobe InDesign menus, rendering my session unusable, although I am able to get the system to restart.


      I having gone through these incidents several times in the past couple of weeks, I have isolated the problem to InDesign. If I don't open the program -- even if I use Photoshop or Illustrator, I encounter no problems with my MacBook, and the system can stay up without trouble for days. Looking at Console following a failure, I sometimes see a reference to the Adobe Crash Daemon, but the console doesn't seem to explain any crash.


      The crash usually takes place about fifteen minutes or so after I open InDesign, even if I subsequently close it. If I close my MacBook and go away, and then open it again, it opens up with a black screen and a mouse pointer, which shifts into the beachball of death, which itself freezes, and I have to do a hard reboot.


      Any suggestions on what is going on?


      I am using a MacBookPro 12,1 with 16 Gb of RAM, and MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 (Public Beta). This problem materialized before the upgrade to the latest public beta.

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