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    Time remap bug?


      i have After Effects CC 2017 and whenever I try to use time remap my time duration doesn't show up. I restarted after effects multiple times and every time i try to use time remap, my time duration isn't next to it. Am I doing something wrong or am I stupid?


      note: I'm new to after effects

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have to have a movie layer or a nested composition to apply time remapping. When you apply Layer>Time>Time Remapping you get a new property on the movie layer called Time Remapping and two keyframes, one at the start of movie and one at the end. You should note that if you move the CTI to the last keyframe the comp panel will not show the movie because the CTI is parked at the end of the last visible frame, not at the beginning.


          When using Time Remapping you do not get anything like a duration indicator except for the frame number listed in the Time Remapping property. I think you are confusing Time Remapping with one of the other tools you can use to change the speed of a clip.


          To learn more about time remapping type Time Remapping in the search help field at the top right corner if AE and check out the help files and the community resources. This is almost always the fastest and the best way to get information about an effect or procedure that you are not sure about.


          To reveal the In/Out/Duration/Stretch column in the timeline click on the little icon at the bottom left corner of the time line that looks like this: {}. You should note that using this tool you loose the ability to animate the speed changes. The In/Out/Duration/Stretch tool will work on both movies and layers that contain keyframed animations but this tool is only useful for making an overall speed change that effects the entire layer. Also, if you are changing the speed of a movie you should learn about and understand the different frame blending modes available and choose the one that works the best with your footage.


          This is only 2 of the about 10,000 different switches and hidden UI features inside After Effects. You can either poke around in the dark and waste a bunch of time asking questions already answered and explained in the help files and community resources or you can organize a study plan and try and figure out AE by doing some homework. You'll never get it well or develop good workflow habits by poking around YouTube and watching tutorials by who knows who. Always vet your trainer.


          If you have not already done so start here: Basic AE and get used to the Search Help field at the top right corner of AE. I'll be that I use that at least once a week to see if theres something new or remind myself of things that I have forgotten, and I've been using and teaching After Effects for more than 20 years.

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            BartonGarrett256 Level 3

            The other things worth noting are unless you are using a new feature the problem is usually with the operator, excepting Adobe's error reporting is not going to win awards.  Generally although I am not an expert, my view is the new stuff always has bugs, the old stuff often requires secret handshakes.


            And I agree a lot of the stuff on YouTube is worthless.  But that said, the problem you have has been experienced by many others, so I first Google it.  If properly defined I can often find something in writing that solves most of my problems without suffering through bad YouTube video.


            I also find the experts who post here, like Rick,  really know their stuff and are nice about sharing, so be nice in return and thank them. I surf postings just to pick up tricks.

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              Luciid3 Level 1

              Thank you so much! you really helped me out!