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    Lightroom Mobile: downloaded images unviewable


      I am using a Huawei Media Tablet to use Lightroom Mobile. I've just spent a week downloading almost 18,000 images for offline editing and culling. If I can avoid reuploading the collection, I would like to avoid that.  I have successfully used Lightroom Mobile with other large collections. 



      I've downloaded the collection. When I select the image, I can see the exif data, the exposure and histogram and selection. The processing circle thing goes on for a while. A good 15 to 20 seconds. Afterwards, the circle disappears. I can see all the information, except for the image itself. In the grid window it shows all image frames where there suppose to be, I see individual blank squares where the images should be. I don't see the images themselves. Again, I wish to reitterate that I can see the exif data. I can edit the data. I can even make exposure edits - and it will show up on my computer. But I'm unable to see the images themselves.



      Any assistance you can give would be most helpful. Thank you