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    your project archive appear damaged ( ignorated seccions: 1). Save with a different name. (26::0)


      I saved an after effects project cc 2017, closed the project, and closed the program, which at the time of closing caught a little; I turned off the computer and went to sleep.

      On the other day the project presented this error, and more those listed below:

      "Host_IO, ReloadFile flaiure" (114)

      Can not find source item for layer ID = 133; A placeholder will be used to replace. (26 :: 143)

      Your project file is apparently corrupted (ignored sections: 2). Save with different name. (26 :: 0)

      After I click on "ok" which is the only option it has, it opens, but from an earlier period of the project, and with a name extension (converted), and I have to redo everything again.

      Note: I hung up after giving the error I proceeded with the project, saved it with a different name and closed the program, and turned off the computer; The problem persisted. 2 TIMES!!