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    Laser Spirit GLS scripting

    Marcel Leclerc

      From Illustrator we access the laser as for a printer.

      I'm looking for a script to automate the options of the GLS usb Laser cutting machine.

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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

          How do you send instructions to the cutter. Is it a print command, a specific menu item that the cutter driver installed ?

          Or is there any specific app that eats ai file and runs the cutter ? Do you use a RIP ?



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            Qwertyfly... Level 4

            You say you access the laser as a Printer.

            if you want to automate the operations of preparing the art to be engraved then we can help.


            if your wanting feedback from the laser to illustrator then I think you may be out of luck.


            you say you want to automate the Options.

            does this mean you want options in the print driver to be set automatically.

            some of this may be done from Javascript in Illustrator. but it may need to be done using another method.

            Mac or PC?

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              Marcel Leclerc Level 1

              Hi Loic, Qwertyfly


              This is a print command from a macro in corelDraw


              With doc1.PrintSettings

              .SelectPrinter "SpiritGLS-4.04-02"

              .PrintRange = prnSelection

              End With



              I am missing all possible print option for "SpiritGLS-4.04-02"

              If you can tell me where I can find print option in Javascript, it will help anyway.

              I would prefer make my macro in Excel visual basic editor where all Data are presently.

              I have much more scripting info for Illustrator than for CorelDraw but I need to find out what is the available info for CorelDraw before switching to Illustrator.


              Thanks, Marcel

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                Qwertyfly... Level 4

                This forum deals with adobe products.

                I use corel daily, and only because I HAVE to.

                I have not done any scripting in corel.

                And I don't plan on it at any stage.

                We won't go into that debate here...


                VB could be an option as you can use VB in illustrator aswell as excel and corel.


                finding the printer properties for me is impossible.

                the GLS Driver says it needs the laser to be connected to install.

                So I can't even see the options available.


                most of the options set by the software (illy, corel) will be about handling transparency, fonts, resters, page marks, seperations etc...

                the actual printer options such as toner saving, quality, which tray etc.. is controlled by the driver and is controlled by the OS not Illustrator/corel.


                not sure the options you want will be available to corel.


                in corel press Alt+F11 to open the VB editor.

                then press F2 to see the Object Browser.

                search printsettings...



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                  Marcel Leclerc Level 1

                  Thanks a lot for your information

                  I will probably make this project with Illustrator finally.



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                    Qwertyfly... Level 4

                    Good luck with your project.

                    Post back if there is anything you get stuck with.

                    Happy to help if I can.